How To Add Silver And Gold To Your Financial Portfolio

On financial blogs and forums, buying junk silver coins is gaining momentum due to uncertainty in the financial markets. The term “survival silver” coins is not an official term, never the less having an emergency stash of these pre-1965 US 90% silver coins on hand is a smart idea in the event that the banks close their doors to the public due to political and economic unrest. Having a survival supply of silver in your possession is like having a cache of food and water on hand to get you through periods of famine and drought. You may be wondering what “survival silver” is? It’s nothing more than junk silver coins minted before 1965. Junk silver coins are 90% pure silver.Where To Find Good Deals On Survival Silver CoinsIndependently Owned Coin ShopsHonestly, I would go to your local coin dealer first to get a good feeling for gold and silver bullion. While I have links here on my site for buying junk silver coins, I believe that you should get to know your local coin dealer and build a relationship with him or her. Having the correct Knowledge is very powerful. I buy my silver bullion coins both online and from a local jeweler that also deals in silver bullion coins. I try not to be well-known to any of my buying sources because I like to keep a low profile for reasons of safety.Because the precious metals market has been so erratic I have bought silver online during small dips in the market and have ended up getting a better price than was offered at the beginning and close of the silver market.Online Silver Bullion DealersExpect to pay $1-$2 over the spot price of silver online. There are several good choices. Look for a professional sales page and a physical building. Many websites have affiliate links to the big sites which offer great pricing so don’t over look them either.The concern of most citizens is the safe return of their money as opposed to the rate of return. As governments increase their reach in society, their needs increase disproportionately and the only way to the feed the monster is through taxation and inflation.Many survivalist purchase both gold and silver in anticipation of bad economic times that have been repeated throughout history. Even mainline investors are listing to the so called “conspiracy theorists” because nation after nation are asking for financial relief to their trouble banking systems. Daily, online news sources tout facts about the world financial troubles. It’s hard to decipher between spin, half-truths, and the truth.In the first 3 years of the 112th Congress, the US money supply has increased 3 fold. Fiat currencies such as the US dollar have a life span of approximately 27 years and this causes me great concern knowing that the US dollar is on its 40th year and is showing signs of failure. In 1971, President Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard to keep foreign nations from turning in their excess dollars and exchanging them for gold.Many nations in South and Central America have gone through what the United States is currently experiencing. Argentina barred the doors to their banks in 2002 to prevent a run on the currency. Fortunately, a few people had the foresight to convert there nearly worthless currency into gold and silver before the banks lock their doors. When the banks finally opened, the people were not allowed to draw all of their money out of the their accounts because the banks did not have that much currency on hand. At the same time the Paraguayan guarani and Argentinian peso sank in value. Brazil followed suit as it defaulted on a large sum of money owed to international financiers.Just as forest fires burn excess ground cover and dead trees to keep the forest clean, free markets clean up financial chaos when left alone. Eventually, the greedy people who create these financial messes are removed from office without learning any lessons from history.I do not consider myself politically savvy. I simply read the tea leaves of history and make my own decisions that are best for my family. During tough economic times, survivalist use practical items of trade such as fuel, livestock, real estate, or precious metals to conduct trade. These are just a few of the tangible assets that will be in high demand and is used in place of money if a financial collapse happens.I like to keep an adequate amount of nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars to make my survival business transactions easier. Large bars of silver or gold are good for storing your money but not as useful for making every day purchases.

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